The GSMio has been designed to give anyone total control of their home from a cellphone. One could also be notified instantly of events at your home and not arrive there with a nasty "surprise."

° Switch on your outside lights
° Open the gate
Turn off the geyser
Start the video recorder
Turn on the sprinklers
Know when the doorbell is rung

° Open the garage door
° Arm the alarm
° Be notified when the alarm has triggered
° Fire warning
° Trigger pepper gas
° Switch off the electric fence
° Safe is being tampered with
° Intruder in garden
° Sound the siren

° Machine has stopped
° Turn off the aircon
° Parcel has been picked up
° Remotely reset your server
° Dam is full
° Truck is overloaded
° a USE we haven't thought of?
° Fuel level low
° Rear doors opened


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Stay linked to your
home or office while
you are on the road.

GSMio is prepaid
ready, no contract

GSMio is compact and uses detachable screw terminal connector blocks.

GSMio is programmed via simple windows based software

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