The following comparison is based on a GSMio and another popular product. The other product has been in the market for a few years more than GSMio but GSMio is an established modern product that has been in use for more than 2 years. We do not want to impact negatively on the competitor product sales and we have produced this page purely for the purpose of keeping our clients informed. We start by high-lighting our weaknesses.

GSMio                                  A********

6 Inputs                                         8 Inputs
4 Outputs                                       8 Outputs
Price R2109                                    
SIM PIN protection                           
Not Available
Analogue Inputs                               
Not Available
Prepaid ready features                       
Not Available
Internal Antenna                               
External Antenna
PC software included                          
Not Available
Simple to program                               
No SIM dependant features                   SIM dependant

So clearly GSMio will be your choice unless you need more Inputs and Outputs, but most users don't even use 4!









2006 Sabercom



GSMio connects your home or office to your cellphone

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