Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I install the GSMio myself?
A: If you understand the basics of DIY and know how to use a multi-meter you should have no problem. In the event that you battle please refer to the distributor list for assistance.

Q: Can the GSMio be connected to my alarm system?
A: Yes. The GSMio is designed to be connected to almost any alarm system. Any output your alarm offers (alarm armed, battery low, panic etc) can be connected to your GSMio. The GSMio will then send an SMS message whenever your alarm detects the events.

Q: Can the GSMio be used as an alarm system if I don't already have an alarm installed?
A: Yes. The GSMio can automatically trigger an output such as a siren, so it can be used as a simple alarm system. And arming and disarming is performed from a registered cellphone, making the system super secure. A tutorial is included in the manual.

Q: How many inputs does GSMio have?
A: Version 3 has four digital inputs and two analogue inputs. But the two analogue inputs will behave like a digital input thanks to the clever software.

Q: Can the GSMio be used to remotely open a gate from a missed call?
A: Yes. The GSMio recognizes the calling number and can either pulse output 1 or latch it on or off. This can be used to open a gate at no cost.

Q: Can I program the GSMio myself and can I program from my phone.
A: Yes, the GSMio is supplied with the best programming software ever. The software is so easy to use that anyone can program the unit in seconds. The GSMio can also be programmed from a cellphone, but only with a password and only by one of the authorised users.

Q: How many numbers can the GSMio send to?
A: Each input can send to 8 different numbers. All six inputs can send to different numbers if required, so for one condition, the GSMio can send to eight numbers. For the next condition the unit could send to eight entirely different numbers. So if you connect two inputs together, one condition could send to sixteen numbers. 

Q: Does GSMio need an external antenna?
A: In most cases no. But if you get a weak signal strength or the GSMio is installed in a basement, we can supply you with an external antenna. It is best to order a special GSMio with connector for external antenna.

Q: When I connect GSMio to my PC, why does it try to load the USB drivers every time?
A: Please refer to the driver installation pages of the manual supplied on the CD, or download the manual from this website.

Q: Can GSMio work with a prepaid SIM card?
A: Yes. GSMio is totally prepaid ready. This means that GSMio can be setup to send you the airtime balance everyday. This way you can top up from any ATM when the balance gets low.

Q: Does GSMio do a self test?
A: Yes GSMio tests itself everyday and sends you a 24hour test message. This can be programmed to send anytime of the day you prefer, most people choose cheaper call times to save money. The message also includes a signal strength test.

Q: Can the GSMio do analogue measurements?
A: Yes, the GSMio ver3 has two analogue inputs which can measure voltages between 0 and 30V DC. (These are inputs 5 and 6)




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